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Painting a wall is not a difficult thing to do, but there is a big difference between painters who take the time to prep, use multiple coats of primer, and paint with a brush, and painters who simply spray and go.

Richard Morgan, owner of the firm Midwest Painting in Yucaipa, CA, is easy to recommend as a top painter in the area because of his dedication to quality workmanship and green painting techniques that help the environment without sacrificing quality.

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Midwest Painting in Yucaipa, CA: Environmentally Friendly

Many painters take the lazy route, claiming that utilizing environmentally friendly painting techniques means sacrificing quality. Richard Morgan has honed his skills over the years and has found ways to conserve resources while delivering high-quality service.

"We're a green company," says Richard. "We recycle all of our paper, plastic, and tape. And all of the leftover paint gets recycled and re-tinted. I can tint my own paint, which allows us to reuse paint that we wouldn't otherwise be able to use."

With Richard's work, going green actually means using higher-quality paints that don't release dangerous emissions. "I like to use Dunn-Edwards premium products, which contain lower amounts of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are basically the bad emissions that come off paints. Consumers who don't really know much about painting will get a contractor who will spray and then just leave the house, and then those people will sit in there and breathe in those fumes. So, we try to use water-based products that don't emit the same fumes. It's also good for the environment, which is important."

Midwest Painting in Yucaipa, CA: Honest Painting

Richard Morgan's greatest asset as a painter is his ability to deliver environmentally friendly work while maintaining a very high level of quality. "My work is guaranteed," he tells us. "I've been in business for years. I re-ensure clients that they're paying for quality and that it won't cost them much more than someone who is cutting corners."

Prep work is vital to doing a lasting paint job, and Richard takes the time to do it right. "You'll notice that we do good work because we do good prep work," he says. "A lot of contractors come in and just paint. We come in and do all of the prep work first - every crack, crevice, and hole will get fixed so that no moisture can get in."

Richard is able to maintain a high level of quality because he keeps his company small and closely oversees every job he takes on. "I have eight employees, and I'm always at the job site. Customers get a lot of attention from me, and I can be there making sure that everything is running smoothly. We're not in a rush to get to the next job."

Richard's crew is also populated by experienced painters. "Everyone who works for me is a painter," he says. "They're not just random workers I picked. They're all professional."

Richard's work ethic and dedication to his job are impressive. "We once worked a 24-hour day to help out a husband and wife," he says. "They had a party and wanted their house to be ready."

Richard started off his career in high school painting lines in the parking lots for his school district. When he graduated, he immediately got into the business and has been doing it ever since. In his spare time, he continues to hone his craft by taking classes. "My hobby is learning new painting techniques," he says. "I like to stay on top of what's new so I can do it for the customers."

So, we found that Richard Morgan owner of the firm Midwest Painting in Yucaipa, CA is dedicated to environmentally painting while maintaining quality. He is dedicated to his job, and consistently delivers a high level of workmanship. Most importantly, he loves what he does: "After a job is over, the dramatic change from redoing or beautifying a building is instantly gratifying. People love our work, and I do too."

- Matt Ingebretson
Associate Editor
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